User Interactive Merchandise…

Pazzaria Productions is bringing something entirely new and different to the world of entertainment.

This is the idea of “User Interactive Merchandise”. These are items that are either integral to a character’s plot, and/or move your own personal story forward, within our world.

As an example….
In Chapter 1 – “A Spark Full of Life!” of  the epic Apple Book, “The Legend of the Lost Rose”, our hero, Spark the flying frog, is seen painting one of his usual masterpieces.

“Over the past year, a specialized area of interest has presented itself to Spark. He has heard about this “Grand Lost Rose”. It is the most revered flower in all of LIGHT. The juice, when extracted with special machines, is said to make one love everything, and live forever. The people whom have had this new type of rose are called the Roseela.
The flowers, nor the juice, are easy to come by. Due to the rose’s intense power, one cannot simply pick it. Even looking at them alive for more than a few minutes can stun a person. So they must be grown in ways that is are best for one’s health while attempting to preserve all of the benefits of this
mysterious flower.
The cost is so high, that only a small handful of factories can produce the juice. And at that, even a smaller number of creatures living in LIGHT can afford it.
Of course, the purest of these flowers is the red rose. Medicinal potions are made from lesser flowers from different colors, but, these aren’t nearly as powerful.

This rose species is so special to Spark that he’s painted its likeness upon a keepsake box. In here, he keeps his most valuable treasures.”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.”
Apple Books.

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Inspired by Star Wars…

Happy “May the 4th Be With You” Day!

Being an epic, fantasy entertainment company, we would be totally amiss to not acknowledge the incredibly imaginative and groundbreaking saga that is Star Wars.

We are totally inspired by it, and thought that we might include some videos and a photo gallery.

Out of everything Star Wars related, we are the most inspired by “Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge”. So, that is what is included in the gallery. We believe that it is the finest work of the franchise.

One element, in particular, that we are the most touched by, in the films, is this idea of “the force”. We believe strongly that there is definitely an energy that holds the universe together.

Everyone can relate to that, no matter where you come from.

Thank you George Lucas, Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company for making the world a better place.

May the Force Be With You. Always.




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We Are Innovating!


We, at Pazzaria Productions, definitely and absolutely pride ourselves on doing things that are not done anywhere else in the industry.

We feel that it is about time to take a serious look at the space of the internet, and see where we can add to the conversation.

While our current corporate website – Pazzaria Productions – is super cute, and all, and, in fact, DOES innovate where animation is concerned, unfortunately, it isn’t quite meeting the mark, in terms of SEO and navigation.

It has had an extremely successful run, with about 120 thousand visitors during its lifetime.

Because we like to also teach, here, at Pazzaria Productions, it should be said that the current site was both created at, and being hosted with Adobe Spark Page. This is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software.

We are in the process of transitioning over to WordPress.

This will allow us much greater creative flexibility and freedom.


How, EXACTLY, are we innovating in the web space?

We are breaking from extreme convention, in order to move the category forward.

Instead of thinking about the internet as an interactive magazine, we are thinking about more along the lines of an interactive movie.

It will be more environmental. More experiential. It will even have it’s own soundtrack (which you will have the option of turning on or off).

Another exciting thing that we are adding, as an outgrowth of this project, will be the ability to then go ahead and sell that soundtrack.

It will have it’s own backstory. Yes. We will give it directly to you, so that you don’t have to guess, and spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to “jump our gate”, and doing strange deals in sketchy city alleys behind studio lots with the fat custodial guy, who happens to have half of his teeth missing.

Do I smell a rat?

The more traditional elements of websites will absolutely be integrated. We will have the requisite “What’s New” section on the home page, links off to our products, the “Contact Us”, the social media, etc…

We have you covered, plus ever so much more!

Take care. Stay safe.

Always remember to….



A Fun List of Pazzaria Productions’ Firsts

First use of an Apple Book to feature pieces of merchandise, within each chapter, that either move your own personal story forward, and/or is integral to the character’s plot.

First use of a musical soundtrack, that is integrated into an Apple Book, that is sold separately.

First use of augmented reality as a part of a blog. It’s in the left navigation bar under “Further Your Adventure , Within Our World…”.

First use of magic illusionism, to where said illusion is actually a part of a story based theme, on YouTube. This theme also happens to be one of education.


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It’s Free, It’s Free!

“Dang it.”

 – Who said it?

 – Are you laughing, now?

 – Well, what he DID say was…

“I’m free, I’m free! Dang it.”

Today, we are proudly featuring the first part of our “Lost Rose” series.

It is an Apple Interactive book called “The Spellbook – A Hub”.

This is just a book of “spells”, that are brought to you by The Wizard Coven.

They are featured in part three called “The Legend of the Lost Rose”.

It’s called “A Hub”, because it brings so much of what Pazzaria Productions has to offer, all in one place.

I don’t want to say too much, as I am inviting you to explore!

You may download it, as long as you have an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or Macintosh.

It also features an integrated music soundtrack, that is available here.

Lastly, if you are really curious, part two is called “Spark the Flying Frog”,

and may be found here.

Enjoy, and always remember to….



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Moychandising, Moychandising, Moychandising!

Today’s blog entry is, on purpose, really, really simple. I just really would love to introduce you to our online merchandise shop.

Here, you will find pieces of merchandise, from our Apple Book – The Legend of the Lost Rose.

There is one piece for every chapter, and each one is either integral to a character’s plot, and/or moves your own pesonal story, within our world, forward.

This is proudly indicitive of our mission statement:

“Everything that a guest sees, eats, buys, touches, does, wears, etc… all has to do with their own personal adventure within our world.”

Please click on the above graphic, or on this sentence, to be taken to the shop.

Thank you so much for taking a look, enjoy, and always remember to…


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Pazzaria and COVID-19 A Brief Note…

This is with a very, very grateful heart that I reach out to you, our readers, during this difficult time.

I would like to assure you that the entire team, at Pazzaria Productions, is safe and healthy.

Heck. We all work from home, on computers, so, we are quarantined anyway.

We are continuing to bring you great, interactive, cutting edge content.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stay healthy and safe!

Always remember to….


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