Snow Crevette and the Evil Kids

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.

They land and then, from out of nowhere, the ground opens up, and the whole team falls. They end up in a gigantic cave. It was oddly sweet smelling, with colorful tapestries lining the walls.

They appeared to depict the history of AIR, and how the elves lived. Apparently, they are quite proud of this.

There were also huge bags full of cookies, that looked like they had mail markings on them.

“This must be the place where they ship those delicious cookies!” exclaimed the Apovil.

“Really? I thought it was the factory of the toilet screws,” Rocky said out of turn.

“Really? I thought it was the factory of the toilet screws,” Rocky said out of turn.

“You know, Rocky, just because you can’t keep up with me…” said the Apovil.

“Kids, kids! This is no way to get anywhere! I demand to speak to someone with authority, this instant!” commanded Prince.

Suddenly, a rather queer looking elf showed himself in the form of a hologram in front of the tapestries.

“Yyyyyeeeeesssssss, my dears?” said he.

“Where are we? And why are we here?” asked Prince.

“You, too too looos, are inside one of the most important places in AIR. The cookie, pookie, parookie, room!”

Huh? The crew all had confused looks on their faces.


The hologram had turned into none other than Crevette!
She appeared as herself and not a hologram.

“Is this your idea of starting your evil ways yet AGAIN?! And, when LIGHT is at its most dire?!” said a very exasperated Prince.

“I knew that you would be drawn here. So I trapped you. Big deal. Now, if you don’t give me what I want, I and every elf in AIR will have your lives.”

“And what is that?”

“The Blue Pixie Dust!”

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Just a fun piece of concept art from the chapter!

Meet Petite!

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Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham.
“The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press
Apple Books.

“Wake up.  Wake up!” cried the little frog.

“What?  Whoa.  Wha wha…. Where am I?” asked Spark.

“At the farm, at La Grenouille Frites.”


“You are in FIRE, in a town called Cuisine Française.  You are on a farm with thousands of other frogs, ready to be this week’s dinner.  We all thought you interesting with your wings and all.  Apparently so did chef Crevette.  She had a time catching you, with a huge net!  Now we all find ourselves trapped inside of this 

bio-dome, in this pond.  The only time we can leave is when someone orders one of us off of the menu.”

“I don’t understand.  I’m on a special mission. I can’t be in here!  Not only our lives, but everyone’s in LIGHT depends on this!  LET ME OUT!  LET ME OUT!!!”

Suddenly, he started to fly around in a crazy fashion.  He was hitting all sides of the dome, and getting banged up.

“Calm down.  It’s okay.  YOU aren’t going anywhere.  Heh, heh, heh, heh.  You are a very lucky frog.  She doesn’t intend to kill you.  At least not yet.  Rather, she wants to stick you in a cage, like a bird, and use you as an ornament to impress the

restaurant guests.”

“You don’t get it.  I was chosen to go on a mission, to save the world.  I can’t be stopped now!  Especially, since the Apovil is moving so closely in, and so quickly. What’s your name?”

“It’s Petite.  Apo-who?  Our world is just fine.  Please calm down.  You will have all the flies that you can handle.”

“Tell me….  Have you noticed a decrease in the amount of frogs that come through here recently?”

“Well, now that you mention it, yes.  I just figured it was an increase in guests.”

“Not quite.  Has the restaurant stayed equally busy, even though the amount of frogs that have come through has decreased?”

“I never thought about this, but, YES!”

“Unfortunately this has been happening all too often in many places around LIGHT.  The planet’s Magickal life force has been on the decline.  No one really knows this.  Everyone thinks that this is just a natural phenomena and that it happens every 

so often.”

“Well, isn’t it?”

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Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham.
“The Legend of the Lost Rose.”
North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.


“Wow! What’s that down there?” pointed Spark.

“Those would be fireworks, my dear,” answered Petite.

“Obviously they are both visually and sensually appealing.”

“Obviously,” and Petite kissed Spark in the joy of watching
such beauty.

“What a display!” exclaimed Miss Buttergrow.

“Awsome! Wooo wooof! Who is up for crashing a party?”
asked Prince.

“Oh no, we couldn’t,” said Petite.

“Dang it, I AM THE Prince. If I say we crash it, then we crash it!”

“Down we goooooo!” said Rocky.

And, down they went! The fireworks were a sight. They formed all kinds of flowers, houses, trees, planets, birds, lively shapes and dazzling colors. If ever there was some Magick in the stars,
this is it!

“What do you suppose they are celebrating?” asked Spark.”

“This time of year? Most likely Yule. Frankly, I am surprised that we haven’t seen more displays such as these throughout FIRE,” said Miss Buttergrow.

“Individual families are celebrating by burning the proper decorative logs in their homes. I love the smell personally. And, the energies are most wondrous and fair. Of course, a show such as this is extravagantly odd. I haven’t seen anything like it for quite some time,” said a suspicious Prince.

“Indeed. The Apovil should have rendered extravagances like this completely dead.”

“How are we going to ‘blend in’, as it were?” asked Petite, a little worried now that something seemed not quite right.

“For this, we improvise!” said a proud and excited Prince.

They landed in a forest a few hundred feet away. As they got closer, they saw that an unusual number of frogs were at
this gathering.

“We will sneak up into a crowd and then just blend in conversationally. If anyone asks where we are from, just say that we are here on behalf of the Grand Rose. Some time ago, while no one really paid attention, I made a decree that stated that I can show up anywhere, anytime, for any reason, as long as it was on behalf of The Grand Rose,” said Prince.”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press, 2013. Apple Books.


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Is He Evil?

Excerpt From
The Legend of the Lost Rose Interactive Apple Book
by Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham

“Huge. Horrible. Very scary. We wouldn’t necessarily categorize the Apovil as being outright evil though. Merely misunderstood, as most so called evil creatures are.

Ironically, this beast is named as a cross between the ancient Egyptian Apophis and the word evil, thus getting Apovil.

Today, he is quite large, measuring several thousand feet long, and several hundred feet in girth. He isn’t totally physical in form, and is mostly a mist, only loosely representing a snake. In this form, he has the ability to move anywhere with ease. He can gather himself to be seen in the physical realm, but does not do so often.

He represents a dragon-like shape, with snakes for hair, in a Medusa style, and can change color as easily as a chameleon.

When LIGHT was first being created, the Apovil was there. He was quite young then, and was born out of the same energies that created LIGHT. At one time, he had the entire planet all to himself. He could sing the days on by, while flying through large, lush valleys of beautiful flowers.

As the years passed, since he was born of creation, he learned that he could create.

Indeed, he did get lonely.  So he created creatures.  Bird-like, reptilian, water beings, unicorns, dragons, faeries, mammalians, etc.  Even similar mist-like beings such as he.  These fell into various sexes, as more than simply male and female were explored.

“There were transgenders, gay, lesbian, and even bisexual folk of all kinds. This made the world rich, and harmonious.
Oh, these beings were similar to those of Earth, but designed wholly differently.
There may have been male lions without manes, horses with spikes instead of tails, and butterflies ten times the size of those found
on Earth.
And, of course, roses. Millions, and millions of roses. This very much fueled the power of the land as it does today, only to a far greater magnitude. This pleased the Apovil. And one may think that due to progress, innovation and the like destroying most of them, that this is the very reason as to his anger.
Far from it! As it his anger goes much deeper than this, and quite literally!
Now, the Apovil is thousands of years old. The energies he is using to create his disappearing feats and other miracles of horror he has to get from the land, for that is what the rules of The Rose of Life state. He is enraged because he doesn’t like doing this. It frustrates him to no end, and he would far rather be self-sufficient.”


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Spark the Flying Frog

Today, I proudly present a section from our Apple Interactive Book – Spark the Flying Frog.

This is part two of “The Lost Rose” series.




“Hexeba, darling, count with me, and push. One. Two. Three! That’s it!

I see a….. wing?

Oh, he’s so cute! Push one last time!”, encouraged Michigan.

“You are joking? There’s nothing left of me to push with!”, said Hexeba.”

Now, Hexee, count with me. Breathe deeply. You can do this!

One Tttwwwwooooo! Thre…”

Suddenly, a small baby frog, about the size of a prune, came whizzing out, and very fast.

It was flying all about the room, and didn’t know where to go! Upon exit from the womb, there was a gigantic spark of magick dust that exploded.

“That’s it! We will call him Spark!”, announced an amazed Hexeba. “Hexee, dear, are you o.k.?”

“Just fine. I’m in a little pain, but, I will be o.k. We need to catch Spark!”

She made a spell.

“With a little help from the God, and the Goddess on this fine day, stop my beloved Spark before he goes away. So mote it be!” Spark slowed down, and landed in her lap.

Behold, and welcome to Ferrice, which is in the country of GLOW, on the continent of AIR, in the Wiccan world of LIGHT. Michigan is an older male frog, and Hexeba is an older fairy. How old? Old enough. This is the first time that a flying frog has ever been born. For all anyone knows, it may very well be the last. Chances to have children are growing thinner, and thinner as time goes on.

These fair, and wholly innocent creatures live by a humble lake-pond, in a hole in the ground. It is here that they can hop, and fly freely to catch flies, and participate in faery circles that do a 
great bidding.

Little do Hexeba and Michigan know that our little Spark will play a great role in a restoration that is to happen to LIGHT, as time wares on. But, for today, there is cause for celebration.



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