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Hello everyone!

This video is the culmination of a long time dream, to where I would be able to, and be lucky and fortunate enough to create a YouTube channel, to where I can teach AND entertain.

As you may have recognized, I showcase arenas that are a bit “behind the scenes”, if you will, to what I do here, at Pazzaria Productions.

This video is the termination of that concept.

We aren’t going anywhere. Don’t worry about that.

Look forward to more exciting topics, and yes…. More magic!

The next topic will be about marketing, and how Pazzaria Productions accomplishes that. It’s wide. It’s varied. It’s synergistic. And yes. It works.

What’s the magic illusion with that one?



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Kids and Candy


Iiiiii””’mmmmm bbbbaaaaccckkk!!!!!

What do we mean by “Infrastructure”? This is a brand new concept, in the
world of business, and is brought to you exclusively by A Magical B.T.S.

In this exhilarating and hilarious second part to this series, I dive deeper into what we mean by this very important term.

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Thank you ever so much!


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