It’s Free, It’s Free!

“Dang it.”

 – Who said it?

 – Are you laughing, now?

 – Well, what he DID say was…

“I’m free, I’m free! Dang it.”

Today, we are proudly featuring the first part of our “Lost Rose” series.

It is an Apple Interactive book called “The Spellbook – A Hub”.

This is just a book of “spells”, that are brought to you by The Wizard Coven.

They are featured in part three called “The Legend of the Lost Rose”.

It’s called “A Hub”, because it brings so much of what Pazzaria Productions has to offer, all in one place.

I don’t want to say too much, as I am inviting you to explore!

You may download it, as long as you have an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or Macintosh.

It also features an integrated music soundtrack, that is available here.

Lastly, if you are really curious, part two is called “Spark the Flying Frog”,

and may be found here.

Enjoy, and always remember to….



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Moychandising, Moychandising, Moychandising!

Today’s blog entry is, on purpose, really, really simple. I just really would love to introduce you to our online merchandise shop.

Here, you will find pieces of merchandise, from our Apple Book – The Legend of the Lost Rose.

There is one piece for every chapter, and each one is either integral to a character’s plot, and/or moves your own pesonal story, within our world, forward.

This is proudly indicitive of our mission statement:

“Everything that a guest sees, eats, buys, touches, does, wears, etc… all has to do with their own personal adventure within our world.”

Please click on the above graphic, or on this sentence, to be taken to the shop.

Thank you so much for taking a look, enjoy, and always remember to…


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Trail That Trailer!

Welcome to this! Our trailer for “A Magical B.T.S.”!

Pazzaria TV is a subsidiary line of business under the larger banner of Pazzaria Productions.

Here, we are currently featuring our opening show called…

“A Magical B.T.S.” B.T.S. stands for “Behind the Scenes”.

In essence, it is going to discuss how we do what we do….

How, in particular, Pazzaria Productions “creates the magic”, if you will.

And, magic, WE WILL CREATE!

In addition to the lessons, there will be a bit of magic illusionism worked into the episodes. In order for you to find out how said trick was done, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE NEXT EPISODE!

There is no release timeline. Sorry, folks. At least, not yet, in these early stages. Once we get our footing, we will be able to be more consistent with it.

We are aiming for a good 5-10 times a month. We will see.

Please enjoy!

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A Magical Beginning!

A Magical B.T.S. Opening Titles


Hello! We are very, very proud to announce the launch of your YouTube channel – Pazzaria TV!

Our very first video are the opening titles to our upcoming show – “A Magical B.T.S.” B.T.S. stands for “Behind the Scenes”.

Please click on the logo above, and head over to see what it is all about!

Please don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!

Thank you ever so much!

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Pazzaria and COVID-19 A Brief Note…

This is with a very, very grateful heart that I reach out to you, our readers, during this difficult time.

I would like to assure you that the entire team, at Pazzaria Productions, is safe and healthy.

Heck. We all work from home, on computers, so, we are quarantined anyway.

We are continuing to bring you great, interactive, cutting edge content.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stay healthy and safe!

Always remember to….


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Meet the Apovil…

The Apovil’s name is inspired by the ancient Egyptian – “Apophis“.

He is featured in our story, “The Legend of the Lost Rose“, and is a very complex character.

Is he evil? Is he not? We aren’t entirely sure.

The planet that he resides on is called Light, and it is going under. The Apovil is just randomly flying through and smashing up the world’s towns. Nobody quite knows why.

Another theory, as to the planet’s untimely demise, is that there is a rose, who’s roots stretch all of the way around the planet. The rose, itself, stretches far north, from the planet’s surface, into the sky.

You kind of can’t really see it. It’s a conspiracy theory. You don’t really know it’s there, unless you know that it’s there.

The roots give the planet it’s life force. The roots are dying, and so is the planet along with it.

Can precious, Wiccan Light be saved?

You will have to find out! Join our adorable cast of characters and experience The Legend of the Lost Rose trilogy for yourself, today!

© & TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions

The Wizard Coven

“There is a coalition, or a coven, of the five mystic wizards that form our high command. They are as follows :

Grenadiya. He is an older wizard, and is the protector of the group. His clothing is typically dark; thick bear skins, dark green velvet pants, and leather boots. He wears a long, golden necklace of the ages and a black Astrakhan style hat. His powers lie in the protective and military style energies.

Kabire. She is a sorceress who has been around for a very long time. However she often appears as a younger person, who’s in their thirties. Her Magickal tradition stems from the same energies that formed the ancient Japanese dance theater of Kabuki and the mysteries of the vampire. This is evident with her very long red fingernails, jet black hair and gothic, clown-like markings on her face. Due to this, her strengths lie in the power of

Lazul. So named after the gorgeous stone, Lapis Lazuli. The description of the stone describes this wizard exactly. It’s a stone of universal truth and friendship. It brings about harmony in relationships, with the wearer being an authentic person. “If you are seeking spiritual development, this stone is powerful and purifies the thoughts and the soul. So too lies Lazul’s powers.

Ariel. This wondrous character uses his immense wisdom to hold the group together. He is often giving out short bits of intelligent and timely information to get them through difficult situations. Sometimes, one might think that he is only out for himself. However, in the end, his decisions really are the best for LIGHT.

Morgana. Ahh, this is an alluring sorceress with quite a history! At one time she was very evil, but has changed her ways to join the high command. For some odd reason, she can be quite bumbling as well. There are times when she will magickally pop into someone’s closet. When the door is opened, she proudly states that she needs that doorknob for her collection!

Indeed, she is a complex one, but we love her!

© & TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions

Meet Iris Buttergrow!

Iris Buttergrow is a very caring and sweet faery. She knows magick and is willing to teach it to Spark, who is our hero.

She is friends with The Wizard Coven, and can see into the future, far beyond her years.

In our epic, fantasy Apple Book, “The Legend of the Lost Rose”, she plays a key component to getting Spark out of his little frog hole, and out into the world, so that it can be saved.

Some of the amazing magick that she teaches him are how to make bubbles appear, out of thin air and how to make an apple tree grow.

She is also aware of a secret elixir, that is key to saving the planet. This is three stories deep, within Spark’s home. He has no idea that this even exists.

The go off on grand and epic adventures together!

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